All Levels Vinyasa

This all levels class offers a smooth flow of postures with options and variations to meet each student’s unique needs and goals. Students are encouraged to explore and assess what feels most supportive to their practice. Gentle breath awareness techniques are used to guide awareness inward for both a meditative and physically nourishing experience.

Foundations of Alignment

These classes build strength and flexibility while maintaining awareness on alignment. It's a 90 min class that will be invigorating for the mind. Props will be used to create depth and coherence for each student.

Rejuvenation Flow

An open level vinyasa class for a variety of practitioners. The first portion of this class will consist of active pranayama (breath work) and asana (physical postures) within a flowing sequence meant to move energy and  facilitate mobility within the body. The practice will consciously slow down to include longer held stretches and a slower breath to find space in the body and mind and a calm response from the nervous system. 

Slow Flow

The Slow Flow classes are designed to foster a sense of wholeness by working through the entire body in a series of postures linked with breath and movement. Students who have a regular yoga practice as well as those with little experience will find the opportunity to expand and deepen their practice.

Breathing into each posture and the spaces between, all will be able to fully participate throughout the class with a reminder that in practice, full participation may not always mean doing every pose. There will be opportunities for movement and rest between postures that require intensive physical effort and always an opportunity for the student to choose an option that is appropriate for them. Students will find guidance for improving alignment while staying in touch with their core of strength, comfort and ease.

Vinyasa Align and Flow

The Vinyasa Align and Flow classes offer a steady vinyasa practice that explores the poses through clear, grounding and intelligent alignment. These classes build strength, flexibility and ultimately a thorough understanding of each pose. By allowing students to linger in poses - linked through breath and vinyasa - these classes encourage fuller awareness of the body as a path toward cultivating strength, flexibility, and inquiry into life and spirit. Inversions, backbends, and arm balances are often included. Multiple options for each pose are always offered to adjust to the particular needs of each class participant, whether a beginner or advanced practitioner. Some pranayama breathing and meditation may be included.