Amrit Yoga:

Amrit yoga brings both the physical and the spiritual aspects of yoga together to help students cultivate peaceful consciousness. Students learn how to use the asana poses as guides for creating and expanding inner peace. Through deliberate action in time and space, one moves into a time-less state of being where all doing disappears and the doer and the action become one.

  • Amrit Yoga (Level 1)
  • This class uses classic & gentle yoga postures combined with energizing breathing techniques (pranayama) to rejuvenate the mind-body complex in powerful ways. The emphasis is on inward focus, intention for integration, deliberate action, and meditative awareness during the practice to take you from the surface of physical exercise and flexibility to the subtler dimension of being.

  • This class is a unique style of integrative bodywork and restorative yoga. Using a combination of focused meditations, gravity-supported static poses, and the use of the wall or props, you will learn how to surface and release energy blockages held in areas of the body such as legs, buttocks, hamstrings, neck, back and shoulders. Yoga therapy is an ideal option for students who want to open and purify the mind-body complex with deep and lasting impact.